Hawkeye Protection Services


About Us


The objective of our organisation is to provide the best professionally managed security and loss control service through our commitment to quality and stability to clients who are serious about their long and short term asset protection needs.

We are further committed to improving the quality of life of all employees through impartial employment, equal opportunities and the provision of a safe working environment.

We also pride ourselves in maintaining high standards from our employees to enable us to provide a high level of quality service to our clients. 


We strive to be the highest quality security agency in South-Africa. We will exceed the expectations of those we partner with by: 

  •      Being the best service provider our clients have ever had
  •      Being the best company our employees have ever worked for
  •      Continuously improving on all aspects of our business while    building on our culture of excellence

Service      -      "Anytime, Every time, All the Time."

Clients       -     Establish lasting relationships and exceed expectations.

Employees -     Foster a culture where our employees are valued.

Quality       -     Continuously strive to achieve excellence at all levels.

Leadership -     Lead by example with leadership as an attitude.

Teamwork -     Work together, sharing knowledge, talents, and skills.

Integrity    -     Use good judgment and strive to do what is right.

Diversity    -     Embrace the diversity of our employees and clients 


Hawkeye Protection Services is a company where owner involvement is always present.

We pride ourselves on the fact that the owner as well as top line management are always accessible to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This personal attention to detail in each and every project ensures quality control and customer satisfaction to the highest degree.


  •      100% South African owned
  •      100% Customer focused
  •      100% Solution driven
  •      100% in line with PSIRA  


Hawkeye Protection Services has more than 18 years experience in protecting South-Africans and their assets and are more than capable to provide appropriate, cost effective and professional service.