Hawkeye Protection Services


Welcome to Hawkeye Protection

Hawkeye Protection Services presents a new way of thinking and conducting Protection Services. The company was founded by entrepreneurs with more than 18 years experience who knows the field extremely well within the South African environment including crime rates fluctuating as it is daily.

The company has a unique approach to quality service and believes in communication and close relationships with each of it's clients as no two companies have the same characteristics regarding their environment, layout, location as well as numerous other exceptional challenges.

We value our employees, providing them with all the necessary training, equipment and incentive packages in order to safeguard you, your company, all staff members as well as all valuable assets.

Hawkeye Protection Services complies with all the necessary requirements and strives to render the best Protection Services that any client can dream of. Our commitment and integrity speaks for itself as we believe in a hands-on approach where it affects our client's well-being. 


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