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Our Services 


At Hawkeye Protection Services Guarding division we understand that no two businesses or contracts are the same. Thus, it is our aim to ensure that the client receives the best security solution for their specific needs and to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We build our relationships upon trust and an in-depth understanding of your requirements and needs. We provide our clients with trained and experienced staff who understand the need to be professional. 

    Permanent Guards

We are a professional company specializing in protecting properties, assets and people. We provide our clients with uniformed security officers to protect their premises, property and staff by maintaining a high visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions. 

    Temporary Guards

Whether your need is for one officer for one shift on an unsocial hour, or more officers protecting a factory, building complex, Estate or Resort round the clock, we have staff fully trained and experienced to meet your everyday needs. 

    Employee Training

We at Hawkeye Protection Services take great pride in our employees who represent our company. Each individual have been trained in his or her field of expertise. The training includes the correct methods of installation of each security system, on the job safety procedures, and how to represent the customer in a professional manner. Safety training includes the safety of our workers in order to ensure the safety of the client's employees. Each employee respects the high standards we maintain and performs their tasks without exception.  

We also have an induction program site specific which entails the following:

·         Role and responsibilities of a security officer

·         Patrolling

·         Access Control

·         Security and Emergency Systems

·         Health and Safety

·         Emergencies

·         Customer Care and Social Skills

·         Communications and Reporting

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